109, 2023

Redefining Critical Infrastructure Security: Unlocking Advantages with Quanergy Q-Track

The utilities industry faces a multitude of security threats daily, posing substantial risks to the reliable functioning of essential services. Cyberattacks targeting power plants, water treatment facilities, and other vital utilities have become increasingly

1908, 2023

Convergint Utilities Team Offers Expert Program Management for Seamless Operations

A cohesive approach is essential to the success of utilities striving to implement technologies across multiple sites. Convergint’s Utilities Program Management team responds to this common industry challenge, via intensive collaboration, proven processes, and consistency

1808, 2023

Convergint Utilities Director Featured in Discussion on Cyber Warfare and Weather

The modern power infrastructure faces escalating challenges from extreme weather events and cyber threats. Climate change-induced extreme weather like hurricanes and floods strains grids, while cyber threats exploit vulnerabilities in digital systems. Addressing these

2107, 2023

Securing Critical Infrastructure and Industrial Sites with Convergint and Axis

Instances of theft, intrusion, and sabotage in industrial or critical facilities, specifically within the utility industry, pose a significant risk. These threats disrupt production, cause financial losses, and jeopardize the safety of employees and

2007, 2023

Convergint UK Protects High-Value Assets with Customised Utilities Solutions

Convergint UK is a global systems integrator offering scalable, customisable utilities solutions with unparalleled service delivery. In the UK, Convergint provides high-security protective strategies, methodical program implementation, and develops comprehensive solutions focused on driving

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