Global accounts are challenged by security threats that are both complex and far-reaching in their impact. Global teams are therefore urged to adopt a proactive posture in planning for remediation and budgets. Leveraging a global playbook ensures optimal value and consistent results for security operations that manage multiple sites and technology partners. This supports safer outcomes and data driven processes for decision-making, and provides:

  • Real-time visibility into global services delivery

  • Improved work site uptime and employee productivity

  • Alignment with strategic workplace initiatives

Why Convergint?

Convergint’s dedicated strategic team has a deep understanding of the complex needs and the subsequent scale of compliance required to successfully manage global accounts. Convergint simplifies global security integration with coverage across North America, Central America, South America, EMEA, Oceania, and Asia. The Global Accounts team is comprised of regional directors that identify business opportunities, program managers that ensure operational consistency throughout the world, and local technical specialists for superior execution.

This personalized approach results in the following benefits for global customers: reduced guard spend, support for business continuity, data driven programming for security intelligence, risk management, global spending/coordination, and third party integration.

Convergint delivery

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Convergint’s dedicated strategic team centralizes security standards, specifications, and expectations on a global basis. With the global footprint needed to support fast-paced markets at a local level, Convergint offers customized solutions for unique business needs. To learn more about global accounts, contact Convergint’s team of specialists today.