Global corporations often face critical system failures across multiple international sites, threatening operational continuity, customer trust, and financial performance. Convergint’s Premium Service Center (PSC) delivers unparalleled support in these high-stakes scenarios, driving strategic growth worldwide.

Convergint’s PSC provides top-tier support to national and global customers, ensuring their most critical needs are met with exceptional care. The expert team at Convergint offers an outstanding service experience through an efficient work order process, prioritizing and resolving urgent issues with precision.

Convergint’s Premium Service Center

With a team of dedicated program administrators, Convergint ensures consistent and proactive communication, paying meticulous attention to detail. By working closely with local service teams, Convergint streamlines delivery processes and offers a unique customer experience that enhances business outcomes:

  • Standardized processes and documentation

  • Commitment tracking and monitoring

  • Single coordination and communication point

  • Practical playbook

  • Transparent operations

Premium Service with Local Expertise

Strategic Partnerships and Trusted Advisors

Convergint Program Managers act as trusted advisors, collaborating with customers, colleagues, and partners to align objectives and goals. By adhering to Convergint’s proven processes, the Program Managers strategically build and maintain programs that support the delivery of services, ensuring operational excellence.

Convergint Leads in Global Security Innovation

Global account security directors and decision-makers can trust Convergint not only for security solutions but for a comprehensive and consistent approach tailored to their organizations’ unique needs. As a leader in the industry, Convergint remains committed to driving efficiency, optimization, and unparalleled security for global accounts in an ever-evolving security landscape.

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Convergint’s specialized strategic team serves as the central hub for addressing security standards, specifications, and global expectations. An extensive global presence enables the delivery of personalized solutions that cater to the unique requirements of businesses in rapidly evolving local markets. Contact a Convergint access control expert for a review of your organization’s access control status.