Fire alarm & life safety systems are critical for every organization, and demand for these life-saving technologies continues to grow. As a result, Convergint has recently expanded its Edwards‘ installation and service capabilities across South Carolina.

While Convergint has built a strong fire alarm business with Edwards in the Lowcountry up into the Midlands, there has been a stronger focus on selling and supporting mainly electronic security solutions in the Upstate and Florence areas. Partnered with Edwards, Convergint now also provides fire alarm & life safety solutions across the region which include, but are not limited to, intelligent fire and smoke detection, specialty detection solutions, one and two-way emergency voice communication (including mass notification), ADA-compliant visual notification, and graphic annunciation solutions.

Expanding this partnership makes Convergint one of the largest Edwards dealers in the world, and able to sell and service Edwards products in the state of South Carolina. Convergint works with customers to deliver compliant, non-proprietary solutions which avoid sole-source dependency and assure long-term cost competitiveness. With sole-source proprietary systems, a customer will frequently end up paying a sizable premium for any given parts or services they might need over the life of the system. Convergint can help clients migrate out of that situation over time.

Industry-Leading Edwards Partner

Offering a wide array of solutions and services, including:

  • Site survey & evaluations 

  • System design & AutoCAD

  • Turnkey installation

  • Technical service, maintenance, & support 

  • Extended warranties

  • Stocked inventory & replacement parts 

  • Software & support agreements

  • Compliance inspections & reporting

Convergint specializes in providing some of the most innovative fire alarm technologies available. Whether a customer’s need is performance-based or centered on code compliance, Convergint’s goal is to engineer solutions that provide continuous workplace safety, operational efficiency, and AHJ compliance.

Convergint’s solutions reach far beyond system installation. System testing, preventative maintenance, web-based reporting, and around-the-clock emergency service are available on all systems. This is paired with trained and certified technicians who are committed to delivering unequaled customer service.

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Convergint has a large network of certified and trained fire professionals across the country. Contact Convergint’s fire alarm & life safety experts below to learn more about the right solutions for your needs.