Convergint Financial has a demonstrated ability to scale its efforts and effectively meet the needs of all institutions. Its programmatic approach ensures a consistent customer experience no matter what the project scope and institution size. Moreover, Convergint has exceptional geographic reach which allows it to be exactly where banks and credit unions need it to be. Indeed, Convergint has over 200 locations globally, more than half of which are in North America. Its local resources can easily accommodate any branch footprint and the financial team can execute geographically expansive projects.

Local Resources Elevated by Global Expertise

Convergint Technology Centers (CTCs) support Convergint’s local presence in all 50 states. And they do not stand alone. The network of offices draws strength from regional and national resources that are grounded in industry-leading technological standards operationalized via:

  • Dashboards: CTCs leverage high-level dashboards for total project visibility, optimal resource allocation, and efficient equipment ordering.

  • Processes: No matter what the project at hand, the same step-by-step process is in place to facilitate greater ease in implementation and ensure success for the bank or credit union. From surveys to installation, preventative maintenance to decommissioning, the customer experience is both positive and consistent.

Ready to Serve

Convergint Financial is focused on being the customer’s best service provider. As such, the team is set up to provide end-to-end excellence.

  • Centralized support: The Financial vertical provides centralized support for project scheduling, coordination, and management that ensures all CTCs benefit from the organization’s collective expertise. Furthermore, ‘power teams’ are in place for remote configuration, programming, and other key functions.

  • Training: Technicians are armed with training and certifications, badging and background checks, playbooks, and even pre-work quizzes to ensure that they are truly ready to serve the financial customer.

Convergint Financial is a trusted partner for banks and credit unions globally. Their adaptable solutions, extensive reach, and dedication to quality ensure smooth operations for institutions of all sizes. Through local support, centralized assistance, and comprehensive training, Convergint is committed to delivering exceptional service and efficiency, fostering lasting partnerships built on trust and reliability.

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Convergint is a trusted leader providing the highest level of service for financial institutions. To learn more about Convergint’s financial service capabilities, contact a specialist today.