Financial institutions nationwide are continuously challenged to pivot branch operations to better accommodate customer or member needs. This translates to improvements, adjustments, and new technology. No matter their size or scope, a bank or credit union must adopt the same level of planning when tackling projects in its branch network. Standardization is essential to successful execution, and this stems from the centralized processes and support mechanisms leveraged by their service provider.

The Convergint Financial operations team has mastered project planning for the financial customer and applies it successfully to big banks, regional players, and local institutions alike. A programmatic approach ensures a consistent experience no matter what the geography or project specifics, and ultimately delivers unrivaled scalability.


When project implementation schedules are aggressive and branch access restricted, streamlined process becomes critical. On-site time is exceedingly valuable therefore the Convergint Financial operations team can re-distribute some of the more technologically complex and time-consuming work to internal facilities preceding the branch visit. This includes software programming, testing, integration, and cyber-hardening for security equipment. Ultimately, hands-on requirements in the branch are reduced which supports Convergint’s ability to deliver expedient quality support.

Branch service is elevated by comprehensive surveys, customized installation and service playbooks that are specific to the customer at hand, and on-site or virtual project management support. Furthermore, change orders are easily accommodated given the level of planning.


Convergint Financial works collaboratively with financial customers to establish project milestones and timetables. Leveraging proprietary technology, Convergint then creates performance dashboards that ensure continuous visibility for both the customer and internal teams. This keeps us fully aligned and on track with execution. Quality assessments can be done virtually in real-time, creating immediate assurance that the project is moving forward as necessary.


Convergint Financial has developed a programmatic model for success, supported by global expertise and local resources. Its methodology can accommodate virtually any technology. As such, the operations team can offer scalable solutions to customers of all sizes in all geographies facing all challenges. Scheduling, coordination, and logistics are industry-leading, and customer response is overwhelmingly positive.


Convergint Financial is meticulous in tracking project details from beginning to end. From bench testing to change orders to installation to invoicing, all information is captured and accessible. The data supports our ability to gauge true performance metrics and report back to the customer. In terms of sheer volume, Convergint has proven to be formidable in the financial space nevertheless everything is captured in real-time on dashboards and customer portals. The right tools and a consistent approach make it all possible.

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