The utilities industry has been subject to a rise in security threats, specifically an increase in theft of items such as copper wire. Unmonitored remote locations are more at risk for copper theft and sabotage, therefore it is crucial to protect the perimeters and assets of these locations. Therefore, companies in the utilities industry must adopt a comprehensive approach to perimeter security.

From cybersecurity attacks to physical security threats, the utilities industry needs to pursue innovative approaches to predicting, detecting, identifying, and responding to vulnerabilities. 

Convergint partners with Magos to use the development of innovative, high-performance, and cost-effective radars to secure perimeter safety. Magos’ perimeter security solution seamlessly integrates with video management solutions with unique AI technology, providing exact video-based object classification to cut down nuisance alarms without compromising threat detection capabilities.

Magos’ perimeter detection capabilities

Magos’ detection technology provides advanced ground based SR-radars, easy to use MASS+AI area surveillance software, and smart AI-based target classification. By combining enhanced intruder detection efficiency and reliability with accurate threat classification, Magos offers the most effective and reliable perimeter protection solution for utilities.

By utilizing existing solutions and infrastructure for optimal site security, Magos provides supreme outdoor security solutions. Security threats are quickly identified through all-weather low-NAR radar detection and autonomous AI-classification system, overall increasing security ROI.

Solutions and benefits

  • Cutting-edge radar technology for perimeter security

  • Sophisticated AI algorithms providing video-based object classification

  • Reduces nuisance alarms to near zero

  • Seamless integration with cameras and VMS

  • Weather proof detection

  • Increased ROI for heavily regulated spaces

Learn more about real-time solutions

To learn more about Magos’ perimeter security with real-time solutions, watch the video below!

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