Convergint is dedicated to enhancing its support for financial self-service equipment at banks and credit unions, with a specific focus on optimizing the user experience. To achieve this goal, the Professional Services Group (PSG) at Convergint has established dedicated help desks for both cash recyclers and ATMs/ITMs. These help desks provide remote support to both service technicians and customers, ensuring that any issues with the equipment are addressed quickly and efficiently.

Convergint is committed to ensuring that financial institutions can rely on their self-service equipment, thereby improving customer satisfaction and enhancing operational efficiency. Convergint’s PSG works to maximize equipment uptime and system availability so that customers can fully leverage their self-service investment. With its unwavering dedication to enhancing the customer experience, Convergint is a trusted partner for financial institutions.

Solving complex challenges to deliver business outcomes

Convergint’s Professional Services Group (PSG) is a team of subject matter experts focused on enabling customers to maximize their system investments through custom integrations and lifecycle management. Convergint’s team of dedicated professionals offers a suite of proactive services tailored to maintaining system integrity and uptime.

In addition to the above services, the financial self-service team with Convergint’s Professional Services Group (PSG) offers further high-level support that helps institutions make the most of their financial self-service investment. Services include:

  • Consulting

  • Pre-sale support

  • Branding/marketing (equipment touchscreens)

  • Modifications for feature functionality

  • Design and configuration

  • Support for the development of core integrations

  • Training (technician training, customer training, customized as requested)

Enhancing solutions and services through strategic partnerships

The professional services team for financial self-service provides this high-level support for several leading brands and manufacturers of cash recyclers, ATMs, and ITMs including Hyosung.

The support of multiple brands allows Convergint to ensure financial institutions can rely on their self-service solutions to run smoothly and efficiently, ultimately helping to improve their financial performance. This helps clients ensure that they receive the best possible value for their self-service investment no matter what the manufacturer.

Embrace the future of banking with Convergint

One of the key strengths of Convergint is its comprehensive national coverage, which enables the financial team to serve clients in virtually any location in the United States. This means that financial institutions with branches and offices across the country can rely on Convergint to provide consistent, high-quality security and self-service solutions and service regardless of where they are located.