Convergint has developed a new rapid deployment automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system, designed for use in a wide range of covert and overt applications, in both mobile and static modes. This system provides a major breakthrough for Law Enforcement agencies as it now gives them the ability to provide a significantly increased proactive approach to ALPR deployment. This has proven to increase situational awareness and help reduce down crime. Convergint’s UK team has been working alongside partners Axis Communications, Vaxtor Recognitions, and IC2 to create the rechargeable, rapid deployment ANPR cameras.

This new innovative technology has been created with the aim to keep communities safe. Small villages and locations that suffer from poor to no traditional infrastructure don’t normally have sufficient CCTV or ANPR systems in place to keep the community safe and protected. The objective of the ANPR cameras is to verify, track, and gather information to ensure a safer environment is created for these locations. The cameras will allow police forces to have suitable equipment to create a safer community and ensure security is taken seriously in these areas. 

  • The cameras are provided by Axis Communications

  • The ANPR systems are provided by Vaxtor Recognition

  • The rapid deployment systems and the battery units are provided by IC2

Camera benefits and features

The cameras allow police forces to create a greater sense of situational awareness with a more versatile solution than traditional systems. These cameras can be set up and commissioned within two hours. Live images can then be streamed from the unit to any UK-approved back office. The cameras also have the option of being battery or mains powered and does not need an additional IR illuminator.

During the initial four-day trial, the unit had generated over 5000 number plate reads on a small country lane, with an accuracy rate of over 99% in both day and night conditions.

It’s been great to be a part of this game changing innovation. The team and I are excited to continue to work on this unique technology that is going to disrupt the market and commercially change the way this sector works”

~Steve Clift, Business Development Manager, Convergint

With the help of Convergint and its partners, these cameras assist in keeping communities with no infrastructure safe. Contact a Convergint expert below to learn more about ANPR rapid deployment cameras. 

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