In a significant milestone for Convergint Germany, the leading provider of integrated security solutions has been officially recognised as an Axis Communications Global Partner. The formal handover ceremony transpired during a joint partner meeting held in Frankfurt, where Alexander Klein, Key Account Manager, Axis, and Joachim Hild, Commercial Manager-Germany, Convergint, attended the event.

The Axis Global Partner status serves as a testament to the flourishing collaboration between Convergint Germany and Axis, the world’s premier provider of IP-based video cameras. The recognition acknowledges the outstanding contributions and joint efforts of both entities in the dynamic realm of security solutions.

In a statement, Axis representatives highlighted the exceptional growth of Convergint Germany’s national business, attributing the success to the team’s unwavering dedication.

“The rocketing development of the national business and the tireless commitment lead us to recognise Convergint Germany with the Global Partner status.”

~Axis Communications

Expressing gratitude for the prestigious acknowledgment, Convergint Germany is elated to be associated with Axis as a Global Partner. The company acknowledges the trust placed in its team and recognises the achievement as a result of a successful and collaborative partnership.

“Convergint Germany is honored and thrilled to receive the Global Partner status from Axis, a global leader in IP-based video cameras. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Axis for recognising our team’s dedication and commitment”

~Joachim Hild, Commercial Manager Germany, Convergint

The Axis Global Partner status not only solidifies the relationship between Convergint Germany and Axis but also underscores the commitment to providing cutting-edge security solutions in an ever-evolving landscape. As both companies continue to innovate and collaborate, the partnership aims to deliver unparalleled security solutions that meet the evolving needs of clients in Germany and beyond.

Convergint Germany looks forward to building on this recognition and further strengthening its partnership with Axis, as the two organisations continue to shape the future of integrated security solutions on a global scale.

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