A recent study from the Journal of Hospital Medicine showed delayed response times to potentially critical alarms in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU). The average response time was in excess of three minutes and almost 10 minutes on the pediatric ward. When clinicians are inundated with frequent alarms, they can sometimes go unnoticed. Alarm fatigue and the growing shortage of healthcare workers were identified as reasons for delayed response time. 

To combat this, many healthcare facilities are turning to modern surveillance technologies for virtual patient observation solutions in an effort to reduce response times and support staff and resources that are overburdened.

Virtual patient observation is a solution that incorporates video, audio, and analytics to help healthcare facilities better handle increased demands for patient care. In addition to facilitating more efficient patient care, virtual observation also helps protect critical assets and helps prevent staff from potentially dangerous or infectious situations. Convergint partners with Axis Communications to offer virtual patient observation solutions that enhance operational efficiency and improve patient safety in busy healthcare environments.

Features of a Virtual Patient Monitoring System

Observe & Improve Patient Safety

With virtual patient observation, healthcare facilities can increase efficiency and improve patient safety and quality of care while creating a safer environment for staff. Contact Convergint today to learn more.

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