2508, 2023

Creating the Safest Private and Public K-12 Schools with Convergint Cloud Solutions

Convergint has many years of experience in building security solutions for K-12 schools, with a unique understanding of the opportunities and ways to enhance existing systems through Convergint's Cloud Solutions. Convergint places a focus

607, 2023

Case Study: How Milestone Systems and Convergint Can Address Security System Challenges for K-12 Schools

Convergint is committed to delivering best-in-class security management systems for K-12 institutions nationwide. Read the case study below to find out how Milestone and Convergint can help schools overcome their surveillance systems challenges.

507, 2023

Convergint’s STEP Up Initiative for Social Responsibility Day 2023 Highlighted in Denver7 News

Each year in June, Convergint offices around the world close allowing thousands of colleagues to donate their time and resources at organizations in need across the globe for Convergint’s Social Responsibility Day. This event includes

507, 2023

Webinar Recording: K-12 Campus Security: How to Make Improvements, Obtain Grant Funding, and Utilize Procurement Contracts

Educational institutions must effectively address the demands of new and evolving technology, expanding missions, and budgetary pressures during these challenging economic times. When it comes to school security technology, funding options encompass a wide

905, 2023

Fostering a Safer K-12 Learning Environment with Security Planning & Integrated Solutions

With the increase of threats to school safety, access control security that is customized for an individual school's unique needs and challenges is vital. By controlling who has access to school buildings, grounds, and

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