Successfully trains 8 Australian colleagues with a 100% pass rate

This month, Convergint Oceania‘s Project Director, Greg Lawrence, became the first Gallagher Train the Trainer candidate in Australia to be certified to deliver the Gallagher Security Access Technician course. Train the Trainer is a Gallagher mentorship program that trains and certifies candidates from their selected Channel Partners to deliver a suite of Gallagher Access certification courses.

Greg is the first person in Oceania to deliver this course, with all attendees successfully achieving the Gallagher Access Technician certification. Convergint Australia currently has 2 certified Hardware Installers, 45 certified Access Technicians, and 20 certified Access Engineers.

The in-house course was delivered in Convergint’s Sydney office.

Train the Trainer Course Highlights 2022

It was incredible to get a team of 8 Convergint colleagues together, in person, for the region’s first Gallagher certification course this month. I had the opportunity to closely interact with colleagues, and the training course allowed me to gauge the abilities of each trainee, which uncovered some talents and skills that will greatly benefit our customers.” 

– Greg Lawrence, Project Director, Convergint Oceania

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