The substantial growth of Convergint Ireland, including the remarkable expansion of its retail capabilities, can be directly attributed to the strategic acquisition of MTS in 2019. By combining MTS’s extensive experience, reputation, and expertise in retail security with Convergint’s dedicated efforts, Convergint Ireland has successfully evolved its retail security solutions, offering comprehensive services to a wide range of clients. Through the strategic utilisation of their collective expertise and deep industry knowledge, Convergint Ireland has positioned itself as a trusted provider in the highly competitive retail security market, resulting in notable growth and the establishment of a strong market presence.

Convergint Ireland provides an extensive range of solutions to ensure safety and security

Convergint Ireland provides custom-designed retail solutions to address the ongoing security concerns for retail and commercial premises that impact operational efficiency. Strategically aligned with leading technology partners, Convergint enables future proof solutions with a national footprint, allowing system support at the local level 24/7/365.

With deep experience across Ireland in retail security, Convergint’s dedicated team of experts provide integrated solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your organisation and align with the mission of deterring theft and keeping staff safe.

Convergint services

A global leader in systems integration

Convergint is a global, service-based systems integrator focused on mission-critical security, fire, and life safety infrastructure. Convergint offers last-mile delivery for emerging technology, backed by a 20-year commitment to its core value of service. To learn more, contact Convergint’s team of retail security specialists today.