Convergint is partnering with SureView Systems to deliver easy-to-use integrated platforms. SureView develops software to improve an organization’s ability to manage and respond to security events by creating an intuitive, easy-to-use integration platform. Whether it’s to protect your facilities, assets, or people, SureView’s mission has always been the same, “Provide a common platform connecting disparate systems.” In today’s environment, it is key for organizations to have a single platform that easily orchestrates alarm and event responses in order to keep staff and assets safe. SureView’s ability to integrate multiple systems into a single user interface is key to providing this function while enhancing security outcomes and the overall posture of your Security operations.

About the solution

In many security command operations, front-line staff use a myriad of different systems to manage and respond to different types of alarms and events. Some of these processes are time-consuming, manual, and often inconsistent.

In order to address these problems, Convergint has partnered with SureView Operations to provide security teams with a suite of software designed to coordinate their response to events—seamlessly integrating with their own, unique, array of security and business systems—regardless of the manufacturer, the format of the data, when it was installed, or where it’s located. The suite consists of 3 individual modules, Response, Field Operations, and Cases, that can work independently or together. Delivered as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) the software is designed for businesses and organizations of any size.

System solutions & benefits

  • Easy to use

  • On-premise & cloud capable

  • Built-in automation

  • Data & metrics integrated

  • Scalable

System results

After implementing SureView as a solution, customers will see ROI in the following areas:

  • Greatly improved alarm and event response time.

  • Reduction in training time for new operators with an easy-to-use interface & normalization of all technologies in the field.

  • Improved compliance, regulation adherence, and standardization of processes and procedures.

  • Reduced workload is achieved by utilizing the full automation capabilities within the platform.

  • Make data-driven decisions—siloed information is brought together into a centralized view—allowing managers to visualize data, identify trends across the operation, and take action.

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