Taking a substantial step toward strengthening the security of critical power infrastructure, Convergint and Amulet Critical Infrastructure collaborate on a mission to enhance power grid security. Convergint, known for proficiency in comprehensive security systems, partners with Amulet, recognized for advanced ballistic mitigation solutions. Together, they are committed to building a robust defense system to protect power grids from emerging threats.

Through the integration of Convergint’s proven security capabilities and Amulet’s cutting-edge technology, this partnership aims to fortify the resilience of power infrastructure, ensuring a safer and more secure energy landscape for all stakeholders.


The power grid faces a growing and sophisticated threat that demands immediate attention. Evolving technologies pose an escalating risk, and conventional security measures fall short. In response, Convergint and Amulet collaborate to implement adaptive and advanced solutions, ensuring the comprehensive protection of utility equipment from the increasing frequency and sophistication of physical attacks.


Convergint and Amulet introduces innovative solutions to elevate power grid security:

  • Amulet SafeWrap™ and SafeVest™: Swift and cost-effective ballistic barriers (SafeWrap™) directly affixed to utility equipment, coupled with wearable Personal Protective Equipment (SafeVest™) for utility professionals. This dual solution ensures a rapid, comprehensive defense against physical threats to the power grid, combining immediate infrastructure protection and personal safety.

  • Amulet Intercept™: Advanced energy-wave technology for instantaneous detection, analysis, and alerting during ballistic events. Intercept™ features a modular design for tailored utility protection, enhancing situational awareness by swiftly identifying and analyzing threats. The system dispatches critical information, including GPS location and caliber of the bullet, to first responders and security operations for efficient responses, fortifying the power grid against potential risks.


Convergint and Amulet ensure rapid deployment, swift detection, and comprehensive protection for power grid security. Seamlessly integrating with Convergint’s systems, they incorporate thermal barriers for optimal equipment performance. Proactive monitoring and lightweight PPE enhance emergency responses. The partnership adds significant value, showcasing innovation, addressing security limitations, and offering modular systems. Joint development initiatives create safer work environments, and a commitment to continuous innovation and a proven track record in pioneering ballistic barriers contribute to enhanced resilience in the commercial market.

Contact an expert today to learn how Convergint and Amulet’s seamless solutions fortify infrastructure against emerging threats.

About Amulet Critical Infrastructure

SAFEGUARDING THE ESSENTIALS – Amulet brings innovation and next-generation ballistic protection to Critical Infrastructure and those who support it.

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