The cannabis industry has undergone significant changes in recent years. As the legalization movement continues to gain momentum across the United States, cannabis businesses have faced a plethora of new regulations and security challenges, including:

At Convergint, the healthcare team can assist clients with their state applications and guide them through the complex landscape of security regulations. Convergint specialize in designing, delivering, and installing physical security items such as walk-in vault systems, safes, bullet-resistant glass/doors, and transaction drawers. Additionally, Convergint’s team of experts are currently completed with approved clients in over 21 states and more than willing to help no matter the size of your team. From an individual dispensary to a multi-state operator with a layered design, we are able to assist and complete your security needs.

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In 2023, cannabis businesses face a complex web of state-specific security requirements, cybersecurity concerns, and federal legal uncertainties. By staying informed about the latest updates and developments in the industry, cannabis entrepreneurs can navigate the evolving regulatory landscape, ensuring their businesses thrive while prioritizing safety, compliance, and social responsibility. Contact an expert today to learn how Convergint’s comprehensive security solutions can provide a safe and secure healthcare environment for cannabis dispensaries, growers, and processors.