The SLED vertical, as defined by Convergint, captures state and local government, education, and aviation/aerospace. While each of these sub-verticals is surely distinct, there is more commonality than variability when it comes to security. This is exemplified by the challenge of escalating physical and cyber risk that mandates the prioritization of security planning and procedural mitigation for all SLED entities.

Convergint’s dedicated SLED team provides high-security protective strategies, methodical program implementation, and comprehensive solutions focused on driving both safety and operational efficiencies in this sector. With a deep understanding of industry threats and regulatory compliance requirements and staffed with grants and funding resources, Convergint can deploy integrated systems that work within the constraints of budget planning.

As promised, the Convergint SLED team has issued this Best Practices Guide to help SLED decision makers, providing insights to fortify security, streamline operations, and navigate regulatory challenges effectively. Read it now to understand industry threats and regulatory compliance, ensuring safety and operational efficiency.

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