Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones, pose a significant threat to our nation’s correctional facilities because they enable criminals to circumvent screening processes and deliver contraband to inmates over prison walls. Drone detection solutions deliver early warning of drone activity and provide actionable intelligence that corrections staff and law enforcement can use to respond quickly and effectively to drone threats.

Challenges drones pose to correctional facilities

Correctional institutions face a constant battle to limit the flow of contraband into their facilities. Contraband introduced into prisons are a nuisance of items that compromise inmate and corrections officer safety.

Contraband has been smuggled into prisons by corrections staff, visitors, “throw-overs”, and through the mail. As one delivery method is stopped, criminal organizations find new methods and technologies to meet the demand. This results in the use of drones to deliver large quantities of contraband, as it is cost effective, efficient, and allows the offender to remain anonymous. As state and local corrections departments are not legally authorized to mitigate drones, their efforts to remove contraband must rely on consistent identification of, and swift response to, drone incursions.

Averting contraband deliveries through drone detection systems

Drones are often confused with birds, planes, or other aircrafts, therefore they can quickly introduce harmful contraband. Additionally, drone operators may try to overwhelm corrections staff by flying multiple drones at a time, and the operator is likely to return if not caught on the first attempt.

One of the primary objectives of a drone detection system is to prevent contraband deliveries. A system that offers a high-confidence level alert of drone and pilot location can prompt appropriate prison actions, such as prison lockdowns. A swift and consistent response serves as a deterrent for criminals attempting contraband deliveries.

Discover drone detection solutions from Convergint

An effective drone detection system is one that is able to accurately locate the drone and its pilot. Convergint integrates and installs as they team up with partners who provide excellent drone detection technology to detect and track drones and their pilots in order to mitigate risk.

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