Convergint deploys cost-effective, scalable solutions that maximize budgets, reduce risk, and leverage technology for local and state governments. Using an outcome-based approach, Convergint is committed to serving and protecting the community with local service and national reach.

Providing proven safety and security solutions for state and local agencies, Convergint partners with Wesco in collaboration with OMNIA Partners through contract #R192008. Serving state & local and education institutions, Wesco focuses on the needs and requirements of large, medium, and small campuses and multi-location agencies. Wesco solutions are available to participating public agencies utilizing the OMNIA Partners cooperative contract.

Through the OMNIA Partners cooperative contract, WESCO supplies electrical, lighting, voice and data communications, maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) supplies, and related services to K-12, charter schools, cities/municipalities, public and private schools, churches, counties, charitable organizations, state agencies, and state and private colleges/universities.

Benefits of Wesco and OMNIA Partners

  • Simplified direct purchase using the cooperative contract

  • Expanded technology solutions offered

  • No fees to participate

  • Available to state and local government entities and educational institutions in all 50 states

  • Non-exclusive contracts

  • No minimum purchase amounts

  • No obligations

  • Pre-competed non-exclusive contracts

About Wesco

Wesco is a leading distributor of electrical and industrial supplies, power distribution equipment, lighting and lighting control systems, safety products, and a provider of advanced supply chain management and logistics services. Wesco with its divisions and subsidiaries focuses on customer relationships and dedication to the SLED Market. To learn more about SLED solutions provided by Convergint and Wesco, contact Convergint’s team of specialists today.