Utility Webinar Series: Part 1

The utilities sector is currently facing an uptick in physical threats including ballistic attacks, threatening letters, theft, and domestic violent extremists. These threats can cause disruptions to essential services and potentially harm the public. Organizations responsible for building and maintaining critical infrastructure face the challenge of securing their facilities from these threats.

In part one of this three-part recorded webinar series, Convergint’s Director of Utilities partners with NAES’ NERC specialist to talk about the current utilities environment, leading targets for attacks, and the supporting efforts needed to prevent, respond, and report potential incidents to maintain a safe and secure utility infrastructure.


Steve Sinclair joined Convergint in 2021 as the Director of the Utilities Vertical. He worked previously with Security Integrations for more than a decade. Steve is focused on achieving growth in this space for Convergint and notes his team’s mission statement as “To become the utility market’s most recognized and trusted security provider by driving thought leadership, innovation, and programmatic operational efficiencies”.

Steve Sinclair

Director of Utilities Vertical, Convergint

Jarod Bleiweiss

NERC Sales Specialist, NAES

Jarod Bleiweiss is a NERC Sales Specialist for NAES Corporation that also focuses on NAES’ physical security strategy and policies. He graduated Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ with a B.S. in Global Security and Intelligence Studies with a focus in Physical Security and Security Policy. Within the energy industry, Jarod serves as the Vice Chair on the North American Generator Forum’s Physical Security Working Group and serves as the Energy Sector Chief for the Arizona Chapter of InfraGard. He works with many stakeholders across the energy and security industries while finding common ground to best support the projects he works with.

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