At the core of Convergint’s thriving culture of service is our annual Convergint Social Responsibility Day. Since 2002, on the first Friday in June, Convergint closes for a full, paid workday so that colleagues may go out to serve in their communities through various service projects.

Social Responsibility Day 2022 Impact


Purpose Built, Colleague Driven

Last year, Convergint celebrated 20 years of giving back during Convergint Social Responsibility Day. This year, our Convergint Social Responsibility Day theme was “Purpose Built, Colleague Driven.” This refers to the fact that Convergint was built from its inception to enable a strong culture of colleague empowerment, with colleagues who drive the company’s success with an unparalleled dedication to service.

Giving back across the globe

At Convergint, our greatest strength is our people. Convergint colleagues made a substantial impact in the communities served for Social Responsibility Day 2022. This year, over 7,700 Convergint colleagues—in addition to family members and employees from partner organizations—volunteered at 120+ organizations in communities across the globe. The overall effort resulted in an estimated donation of more than $2.5MM in labor and equipment from Convergint colleagues, partners, and families around the world. 

Our commitment to service

Convergint’s guiding Values and Beliefs have evolved since CSRD first started in 2002, but they continue to guide our culture of service to customers, colleagues, and communities. Each colleague is encouraged to live by these Values and Beliefs at work, at home, and in our communities. The goal of Social Responsibility Day this year was to celebrate the ongoing commitment to service that our colleagues carry out every day. 

Social Responsibility Day 2022 Highlights

  • 7,700+ Convergint colleagues, family, and friends volunteered at 120+ local organizations in need.

  • Over 300 colleagues stepped up at 29 local schools.

  • More than $2,500,000 was donated by Convergint in payroll.

  • Convergint partners donated more than $180,000 in technology and supplies for schools, non-profits, and local organizations.

  • Colleagues in Atlanta, GA., Fairplay, CO., Quincy, MA., and Tualatin, OR provided schools with new security cameras, monitors, and upgrades along with and cleaning of existing equipment and security checks and recommendations.

STEP Up for Schools 2022

With the safety of students and faculty at top of mind, Convergint greatly expanded its STEP Up for Schools initiative for this year’s Social Responsibility Day to help create safer environments for students and teachers. Serving 29 schools across the U.S, including in Atlanta, GA., Fairplay, CO., Quincy, MA., and Tualatin, OR, over 300 Convergint colleagues provided free security upgrades and enhancements. To date, approximately 70 schools have now received security donations from Convergint through this program.

In 2018, Convergint established its STEP Up—Secure, Train, Educate, and Protect—program to help strengthen school security at underserved schools in communities around the world. Through this program, Convergint colleagues and partners provide free interior and exterior security system installations, upgrades and assessments including work on cybersecurity, fire alarm services, and emergency communications. This year’s STEP Up projects featured upgrades including: 

  • Installing new cameras, systems, monitors, and other equipment 

  • Conducting security checks and audits

  • Replacing cameras and outdated equipment 

  • Cleaning and maintaining existing equipment 

Where We Helped

In addition to initiatives that bolster school security, Convergint colleagues also volunteered at over 120 different organizations globally. From volunteering at local food banks and shelters, to assisting youth camps and organizations for children with disabilities, to participating in reforestation and environmental cleanup projects, colleagues were encouraged to work with the organizations and causes that matter most to themselves and their communities. 

  • Military assistance for adults and families 

  • Women’s and children’s shelters 

  • Hospice and hospital organizations

  • Nature preservation, wildlife reserves, and animal organizations 

  • Therapeutic groups for medical support 

  • Youth support clubs and camps

  • Specalized schools

  • Community support organizations

  • Assistance for adults and children with disabilities 

  • Food pantries and food banks 

  • Assistance for food insecure 

Convergint Day, Everyday

Giving back is an integral part of Convergint’s community and culture. Staying true to our core Values and Beliefs, we believe that all colleagues should balance commitments between business, family, and community to serve and improve the world around us. For Convergint, our Social Responsibility Day extends well beyond the first Friday in June, and represents a shared philosophy of helping others and acting generously. Every day, we continue in our commitment to making a daily difference and being our customers’ best service provider!