At the core of Convergint’s thriving culture of service is the annual Convergint Social Responsibility Day. Since 2002, on the first Friday in June, Convergint closes for a full, paid workday so that colleagues may go out to serve in their communities through various service projects.

Convergint’s guiding Values and Beliefs have evolved since CSRD first started in 2002, but they continue to guide Convergint’s culture of service to customers, colleagues, and communities. Each colleague is encouraged to live by these Values and Beliefs at work, at home, and in our communities. The goal of Social Responsibility Day 2022 was to celebrate the ongoing commitment to service that our colleagues carry out every day.

Watch the video below to see how Convergint’s Social Responsibility Day has impacted communities all around the world.

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Convergint was built on a solid foundation of Values and Beliefs. These values and beliefs focus on Convergint’s commitment to customers, colleagues and their families, and communities. One of these values—“we believe in balanced lives”—supports Convergint’s belief that it is important for all colleagues to balance their time, energy, and commitments across families, business, and communities. This belief empowers Convergint colleagues to act generously and responsibly to the people and world around them.