Medical carts in healthcare facilities play an important role in the proficiency of the healthcare team. More importantly, they improve the safety, health, and wellbeing of patients. Whether in an ICU, an operating room, or an emergency department, you will find medical carts stocked with specific equipment that provide doctors and nurses tools they need to work on patients as quickly as possible.

One medical cart does not fit every situation. Convergint Innovative Medical listens to the needs of healthcare facilities to design and integrate a solution that fits those needs. To develop a medical or supply cart that fits your specific needs, the following information is needed.

  • How will the cart be used?

  • What is the current workflow?

  • What problem are you looking to solve?

  • Does it increase workflow efficiency?

  • What cart accessories would enhance workflow?

    • Disposal: Waste or Sharps container
    • Glove Holder
    • Storage Bins
    • IV pole
    • Laptop arm
    • Locking drawers: all carts can incorporate an innovative locking system to keep supplies secure and offer flexibility of configuring what drawers “lock” or “not lock”

Understanding the clinician’s workflow is necessary when designing a suitable medical cart. This allows Convergint Innovative Medical to custom design an efficient cart that will result in satisfied staff and in turn, satisfied patients. To learn more about Convergint’s improved cart design process, download the brochure below.

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