All financial institutions require a unified physical security system that provides full control over video surveillance and access control and global oversight for operations. Banks may need to deploy 10 devices at a single branch or thousands across multiple locations, and all require continuous management by the institution’s security department. In addition, as financial institutions continue to grow in size and complexity, it is critical that they deploy a scalable physical security solution that will effectively safeguard people and assets. This ensures their ability to identify threats, reduce fraud losses, close cases quickly and manage security at branches, corporate headquarters, and data centers. Convergint UK partners with Genetec to provide a unified security solution that addresses these challenges.

Unified security platform solutions

The Genetec solution also helps with new and evolving threats, including criminal cyber activity that can put sensitive data at risk. Integrated enterprise systems in corporate headquarters, data centers, and retail banking facilities require open connectivity to a growing list of IP security edge devices. The open connectivity of a unified physical security platform helps financial institutions streamline administrative operations by using common functionality across video and access control platforms. It also helps security personnel retrieve crucial evidence from any location quickly and speeds up fraud investigations while keeping employees, customers, and assets secure.

But, as financial institutions of every size benefit from this growing connectivity, emerging cyber threats, hazards, and criminal activity can lead to new risks and vulnerabilities. An improperly secured camera or unprotected communications between a server and client application can be all the attack surface a cybercriminal needs. These potential vulnerabilities compel financial institutions to have a security strategy that protects against both physical and cyber threats. Incorporating multiple and varied lines of defense, including encryption, multi-layer authentication, and authorisation is essential. Convergint UK and Genetec can help.

A global leader in systems integration

Genetec is one of Convergint’s most progressive and innovative technology partners that delivers quality security software. Convergint is a top Genetec security vendor with a team of certified installers to provide a single, seamless software system for worldwide customers. To learn more, contact a Convergint expert today.