While kids are out of the building for the coming weeks or months due to COVID-19, schools have an opportune time to revisit and optimize existing video surveillance systems to ensure students are returning to a safer school with heightened awareness.

As school security becomes increasingly important, the ability to immediately detect threats is critical, and Convergint and BriefCam can provide various video surveillance and analytic solutions. With optimized capabilities, schools can achieve more than simply investigating after an incident. Implementing new alerts in the system help enable proactive prevention, create analytic capabilities, and identify red flags in real-time. 

Alerts Based on Dwelling and Overcrowding for When Your Students Return

Crowding and lingering in school hallways increase the potential for violence to erupt or the outbreak of a fight. The ability to monitor hallway traffic and receive immediate alerts when crowds form is essential for on-site security.

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Alerts Based on Behavior

Real-time alerts based on behvior allow schools to investigate to which alerts they want to proactively respond. The schools identify behaviors that could suggest malicious and inappropriate intent. and then an operator can evaluate and decide how to intervene. For example, trigger alerts for adults lingering at school perimeters–this could be innocuous, like a parent waiting for a child to come out for a dentist appointment, but it could also be an adult attempting to commit a crime. Either way, Convergint and BriefCam can help security teams bring these events to the forefront so personnel can proactively assess the situation and respond appropriately.

Other Applications

Convergint can also implement video data solutions to leverage aggregated date over time, which visualizes the information into customizable dashboards to aide in understanding activity on campus. For example, if people counting dashboards show children are congregating in outside spaces during class time, there’s reason to believe they’re cutting class and that someone needs to intervene. If heatmaps are showing traffic bottlenecks, the school should know where these are and consider solutions for reducing crowding in hallways. Having better insight about vehicular traffic in parking lots can help the school develop better drop-off and pickup procedures.

The downtime schools are facing right now is an opportunity to secure facilities for the coming years. In addition to video surveillance solutions, schools should consider alternative COVID-19 risk mitigation actions, including changes to policies and proceduresmonitoring and managing workforce health, and using remote tools to manage vacant facilities. It’s imperative organizations have the right counsel to navigate solutions available and determine the best application to fit the various environments and applications.

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