With the current need for social distancing and many states currently sheltering in place, COVID-19 has led to a significant amount of the global workforce to be working from their homes. In these unprecedented circumstances, many business facilities across the world are either currently low occupancy or entirely vacant, creating a new set of complications and vulnerabilities for organizations at this time. Below is a checklist of important security practices to consider when leaving facilities unattended for an extended period.

  • Program access control schedules and provisions of who can access areas and when

  • Verify all cardholders in the server are active

  • Run access control reports to understand who/when have accessed certain areas

  • Check access levels and accuracy 

  • Test and verify lockdown systems and procedures 

  • Check all interior and exterior locks for proper functioning 

  • Validate all card readers are functional 

  • Update server and management software to the latest version 

  • Adjust open and close schedules

  • Update alarm call lists 

  • Implement video verification 

  • Set up daily test reports 

  • Test & inspect security sensors and devices 

  • Test & inspect all fire detection and extinguishing devices 

  • Facilitate remote monitoring 

  • Enable cellular backup communication 

  • Update all panels to the latest firmware

  • Provision remote monitoring 

  • Download and set-up mobile applications

  • Clean, aim, and focus interior and exterior cameras 

  • Verify 30, 60, or 90 day recording 

  • Confirm all cameras are functioning and critical areas are covered 

  • Update server and management software to the latest version 

  • Verify data archives and backups 

  • Test & inspect door intercom and other communication systems 

  • Establish remote training on all systems and functionality 

  • Verify cyber hardening and readiness of critical systems 

In addition to these basic guidelines, there are many solutions and technologies available to further enhance facility security during this time. It’s circumstances like these that preparation and risk control are more important than ever. Convergint is here to provide the solutions needed to keep facilities safe and secure.

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