Convergint’s greatest strength is its people. Convergint Nation is made up of a diverse network of global colleagues who believe wholeheartedly in a service-first mission and guiding Values and Beliefs. Convergint encourages colleagues to live the Values and Beliefs on a daily basis, whether at home, at work, or in their communities. None are more important than the other, but “We embrace a safe, inclusive, and positive work environment” best represents the commitment Convergint colleagues have to ensure diversity, equality, and accessibility are considered in strategic management initiatives, to assist in the alignment of strategic planning with I&D objectives, and to develop and support initiatives aimed at promoting inclusion. 

Yaruba Tate

Vice President of Inclusion & Diversity

In this Q&A with Yaruba Tate, Vice President of Inclusion & Diversity, he discusses the importance of Inclusion & Diversity, the future growth plans for I&D in EMEA, and the next steps after the Global Emerging Leaders Seminar hosted in the UK and Ireland

Learn more about the Inclusion & Diversity Council members below.

Vice President of Inclusion & Diversity Yaruba Tate announced that the council will continue to grow across EMEA with new members dedicated to Convergint’s I&D initiatives. This annual refresh of councilmembers is an important reflection of Convergint’s commitment to ensuring diverse perspectives and voices brought onto the team to review the company’s programs, policies, and initiatives as they relate to Inclusion & Diversity. 

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