Many organizations still use security systems that are decades old. As a result, these outdated solutions tend to cause security issues in the long run. With the fear of potential security breaches looming, organizations are looking for more efficient solutions to help them in times of crisis- which is why Convergint has partnered with Genea to provide the best-in-class innovation, driving the future of property technology.

Through the combination of advanced technology and customer-centric support, Genea has earned the trust of thousands of companies, including corporate real estate teams, healthcare teams, and enterprises. To date, Genea’s cutting-edge access control, submeter billing, and after-hours HVAC solutions have helped over 1 million people around the world.

Business value: modernized and automated cloud-based access control to increase overall efficiency

Genea’s access control solution has allowed users to upgrade and automate their security processes, making their security systems advanced and efficient. Customers have reported an increase in effectiveness and productivity, resulting in time and cost efficiency. With Genea access control, IT and security teams can add and remove users quickly, monitor hardware, create door emergency plans, and connect various security systems using API integrations.

Business outcome: ensure convenience and satisfaction from building management teams and organizations

Implementing new, more dynamic access control technologies provides many benefits over maintaining older, more static ones. With Genea’s modernized and automated cloud-based access control, organizations have been able to advance, simplify, unite, and scale their security systems.

Genea Cloud-Based Access Control Software

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