Hospital security poses unique challenges. Patient safety is critical, especially considering the vulnerability of the population, yet many hospital areas are accessible to the public. For this reason, patient safety initiatives are incredibly important. Having security cameras in hospitals to detect and verify potentially critical events and maintaining secure access to high-risk areas is paramount.

Video Surveillance Gets the AI Treatment

The role of artificial intelligence (AI) in security has been transformative. AI-powered surveillance solutions, such as our Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) technology, augment the effectiveness of thorough video coverage in hospitals by helping take care of the detection function of surveillance. This allows operators to focus their time and attention on verifying alarms and responding to events proactively, instead of simply monitoring screens.

Given the open accessibility of many healthcare facilities, an improved ability to detect, verify, and act on potentially critical events is extremely valuable for both patient safety and hospital security, making AI technology an important component of advanced security systems in healthcare today.

Avigilon ACM™ System Alleviates Access Aches and Pains

Secure access is another crucial component of hospital security. Restricting access to sensitive areas—such as medication storage cabinets or units with a high risk of patient elopement—can have a huge impact on patient safety and loss prevention.

Convergint, partnered with Avigilon’s Access Control Manager (ACM) system and leveraging Avigilon’s Control Center (ACC) video management software, can create action-based alarms and notifications when potential breaches occur. This helps to ensure that only authorized individuals gain entry to restricted areas and expedite event correlation during investigations. By effectively limiting access, hospitals can help decrease patient elopement, protect valuable assets, and minimize medication theft.

Maintaining hospital security is no easy task, but it’s absolutely crucial. Technologies such as AI-powered video analytics and advanced access control systems can augment the abilities of officers to detect and verify potentially critical events, while also enabling them to proactively respond when needed, mitigating risks to patient safety. By deploying these solutions within their facility, hospitals are better positioned to protect what matters most: their patients, staff, and resources. 

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