Chief Information Officer Bhuvana Badrinathan was recently featured in a article discussing Convergint’s data science team, along with the importance of leveraging data, analytics, and machine learning. For Convergint, leveraging data science is a differentiator that gives the company a competitive advantage while paying dividends in business value. 

In this article, Bhuvana gives insight into Convergint’s digital transformation strategy, including the deployment of a new ERP system and increase data capabilities to support a host of customer-facing applications. 

On the Importance of Data Analytics

“When you don’t have data, or when you have a lot of data all over the place but you’re not able to actually use that data for decision-making and strategy, it’s almost like you’re blindfolded. You don’t know exactly what direction to head in.”

~Bhuvana Badrinathan, CIO, Convergint Technologies

On Convergint’s Digital Transformation

“One of the first things that appealed to me about Convergint is the fact that I would be able to take on the data side of things, because that’s the differentiator. Getting Convergint to be a business that makes data-driven decisions is one of my passions, and simplifying our footprint is another big passion.”

~Bhuvana Badrinathan

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More About Bhuvana

Bhuvana Badrinathan

Bhuvana Badrinathan

Chief Information Officer

Bhuvana Badrinathan has over 20 years of experience in technology, including software development, data strategy, service delivery, and infrastructure. She joined Convergint in 2019 as Chief Information Officer. Prior to working at Convergint, Bhuvana served in various technology and executive management roles in different industries, including financial services, eCommerce retail, and insurance brokerage.