More than half of all small businesses in 2018 suffered a security breach. Forty-three percent of all cyberattacks on companies target small businesses, and only 14% of them were prepared to defend themselves against it.

The costs associated with cyberattacks are extremely expensive, and many small organizations go out of business within six months of the victimization. That’s why cybersecurity is so critical for companies of all sizes.

Surveillance cameras are vulnerable to cyberattacks without the proper security measures in place. Eagle Eye Networks, partnered with Convergint, provides the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS, the most secure way to store video surveillance on the cloud.

What is the Cloud?

Basically, the cloud is the internet. Most people are already using the cloud in their personal life for storing data and pictures from smartphones, online banking, or streaming TV and music.

Eagle Eye Networks stores users’ video surveillance footage in one of their 11 secure global data centers. Users can access their security camera footage using an internet connection.

Why Store Surveillance Footage in the Cloud?

Storing video on the cloud protects it from equipment failure and theft. It’s also safe from physical threats such as natural disasters or fires that can destroy all of the security footage. Eagle Eye Networks provides triple redundancy, meaning that they store multiple copies of users’ videos in different servers for total protection. 

Cloud Protected Video Surveillance vs. Traditional DVRs and NVRs

There are distinct differences between traditional video storage solutions and surveillance stored on the cloud. Here are some of the ways Eagle Eye Networks and Convergint protect video on the web.

  • Using  secure encryption on recorded video 

  • Isolating the cameras from the internet

  • Preventing pre-installed trojans from communicating with the internet

  • Denying appliances to have open ports


Traditional NVRs and DVRS require the opening of ports, which increases the risk of cyberattacks. Hackers enter networks through open points to steal sensitive information. Also, manually replacing or updating compromised hardware wastes time and is expensive. Overall traditional storage methods increase the risk of a cyberattack, while cloud storage offers enhanced security of surveillance footage.

Eagle Eye Networks and Convergint help businesses to have a flexible cloud storage solution for their video surveillance footage, ultimately protecting businesses from cyberattacks and becoming another unprepared statistic. 

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