Recognizing the critical importance of diversity in the workforce, Convergint is deeply committed to creating and sustaining an inclusive, supportive, and accessible environment where all colleagues are fully engaged and can contribute to their full potential. Affinity groups support this effort by encouraging professional development opportunities, enhancing leadership skills, fostering innovation and creativity, and promoting cultural understanding.

Regularly refreshing affinity group goals is essential in maintaining the relevance and effectiveness of diversity and inclusion initiatives. In 2024, Convergint’s affinity groups are working to enhance workplace diversity and inclusion through the following targeted goals:

“The level of dedication from our affinity groups has continued to move us further along on our I&D journey and I am excited about the impact these actionable goals will have on our continued growth. “

~Yaruba Tate, Senior Vice President, Convergint

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Convergint strives to foster a supportive, accessible, and inclusive environment. Convergint recognizes the critical importance of diversity in the workforce to reach its goal of being customers’ best service provider. Learn more about Inclusion & Diversity at Convergint below!