Convergint was built on 10 Values & Beliefs that foster a positive work culture, encouraging colleagues to be their customers’ best service provider. At this year’s Convergint InterNational Conference, this culture drove colleagues in a challenge to find their “Why.”

The keynote speaker of the conference, Peter Docker, explained how colleagues can find their Why: the purpose that inspires what they do and motivates them every day. “When we recount several of these specific stories, common themes start to emerge, and it’s these themes that point to our Why. Because our Why comes from our past and our past experiences, everyone’s Why is unique. We may feel someone else’s Why is similar, but it’s the stories behind the Why that make each unique and authentic,” said Docker. 

When a team is united by a common Why, colleagues feel more fulfilled and work together towards making a daily difference for each other, for their customers, and for their communities.

Watch and read what Convergint colleagues have to say about their Why. 

My family is ‘Why.’ So knowing that I can get up in the morning to a great place to work, do my job, and be thanked for what I do allows me to meet those needs.

~Russell Redman, Service Specialists at Convergint Technologies 

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