Convergint’s greatest strength is its people. Convergint Nation is made up of a diverse network of global colleagues who believe wholeheartedly in its service-first mission and guiding Values and Beliefs.  A pillar of Convergint’s annual Unite conference is celebrating colleague achievements through recognition and awards. At this year’s Unite Denver conference, a new recognition, the Lugo’s Legacy Award, was established in memory of Convergint colleague Suzanne Jones Lugo.

Suzanne Jones Lugo

Suzanne Jones Lugo was a dedicated Convergint colleague of 6 ½ years based out of the NY CTC and most recently had moved to the Leveraged Service Program Management team. She was well known throughout the organization for her commitment to the company and to all the values upon which it was built on. A caring and devoted colleague, Suzanne was passionate about her involvement with Convergint Women Connect and consistently went out of her way to show support for new colleagues, ensuring success in their roles.

Suzanne was always willing to go the extra mile to own her position. She was the true embodiment of “I am Convergint.” In May of 2022, Suzanne tragically passed away, succumbing to a 2 ½ year battle with esophageal cancer. But the impact she had on Convergint is left behind as a legacy for all that were fortunate to have encountered her, and how those colleagues were inspired to impact others.

Because of her role, Suzanne had always attended the annual Unite conference. This year, her “seat” at the conference was passed on through Lugo’s Legacy. This recognition seeks to honor an individual colleague each year by inviting them to the conference in her memory. The 2023 Lugo’s Legacy recipient Karen Mobilio was selected by a committee of colleagues who knew Suzanne well for her deep commitment to Convergint, for her embodiment of our culture, and for living fiercely by our values.

Karen Mobilio

“Karen Mobilio was also a colleague and close friend of Suzanne’s. They worked side by side on many projects and the personal causes Suzanne held so close to her heart. Karen is the embodiment of the Values and Beliefs that Suzanne and we all hold so close. She often referred to Karen as the “Guardian of the culture” here in NY.”

“Karen makes our mission possible, solves customer problems, and is quite possibly the most positive “can do” person I have ever met. No one is more deserving of this honor than Karen and I feel with great confidence that if Suzanne is looking down on us today, she would say “You made the right choice!”

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