While 2020 was the year the world stood still, 2021 allowed for businesses to recover, as well as shape their future. In a recent interview with Asmag.com Convergint’s Mike Mathes was asked what the security industry should expect in 2022.

Growth is vital to Convergint, with a main focus on global accounts, vertical markets, innovation, and culture. Read the full article to learn more about what to expect from Convergint, and the security industry as a whole, in the next year. 

On global accounts

Convergint’s Global Account business has experienced tremendous growth, and I believe our approach to customer service plays a significant role. Everything we do aligns with our delivery resources and the customers’ requirements across their entire portfolio.”

~Mike Mathes, Vice President, Convergint

On vertical markets

When it comes to vertical markets, our approach was to build vertical-specific teams, allowing us to provide specialized knowledge in business development, program management, and operational delivery tailored to the needs of each customer and situation. In addition, Convergint’s vertical market team works with our local CTC offices to organizationally align their resources to support specific verticals. In effect, we become experts in the market, allowing us to be more competitive and drive better outcomes for our customers.”

~Mike Mathes

On innovation

With technology evolving, so have our customers’ needs, and today, the focus is on innovation. Our dedicated Digital Transformation team focuses on a wide range of initiatives, including core solutions like access control and video surveillance, fusion centers, PSIM, identity assurance, and cybersecurity—all of which have become an essential element to manage across the enterprise.

~Mike Mathes

On culture

“At its core, integration is a people business. The key to Convergint sustaining consistent growth is our ability to recruit, onboard, train, and retain the colleagues necessary to meeting our customers’ needs. We place our company culture and Values and Beliefs at the core of everything we do, making Convergint an attractive place for our colleagues”

~Mike Mathes


Mike Mathes currently serves Executive Vice President for Convergint. One of Convergint’s founding members, he opened the Los Angeles and San Francisco locations for Convergint 15 years ago. In his current role, he is responsible for Advanced Solutions and cyber security strategies, in addition to P&L for Convergint’s western locations. Prior to Convergint, Mike held several positions at Johnson Controls over a 15-year career there. He obtained his B.S. in Electrical Engineering at University of Manitoba.