According to the FBI, an active shooter can impact any business or organization at any time. They act without overt warning, without confiding in anyone, and without regard for their own lives. Since active shooter events have increased recently, having the proper shooter detection system with the appropriate features is a must.

One partner Convergint works with is Eagl Technology. With Eagl Technology, Convergint can implement the Emergency Automatic Gunshot Lockdown (EAGL) solution which notifies law enforcement of the active shooter threat with a map of the building showing the location and ballistic data of the weapon being used. FireFly® Ballistic sensors calculate energy levels and waveform analysis to determine the firearm discharge event and ballistic data. Sensors use 433kHz wireless frequency and have a range of 300 feet indoors and 900 feet outdoors.

Benefits to Wireless Sensors

  • Cost effective installation.

  • Extremely low power and works on a single 3.6V battery.

  • Wireless range of 300 feet indoors and 900 feet outdoors.

  • Smart power saving mode to extend battery life to about four years.

  • Requires only one node per coverage area.

Developed by the Department of Energy in response to the Sandy Hook Active Shooter incident, this wireless technology can analyze energy and waveform to prevent false alarms. This zero-false-read dual validation technology will automatically lock down soft target areas within seconds of shots fired. Learn more about this wireless solution.

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