From one basement to one billion dollars, Convergint has grown into a leading global business over the past 18 years. As a co-founder and executive chairman at Convergint, Dan Moceri had a vision of a company that went beyond a traditional systems integratorone that is dedicated to being its customers’ best service provider, while creating a positive work environment where colleagues can share in fun and laughter. In the article below from Thrive Global, Dan shares insight into his personal and professional growth as a leader, and how he helps contribute to Convergint’s growth.

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Tips From The Top: One On One With Dan Moceri
By Adam Mendler

Adam: What do you believe are the defining qualities of an effective leader?
Dan: Vision, empathy, energy, and risk-taking.


You must clearly convey a vision for your company and your team. You can’t foresee the future, but you do need to map out a path and define how you will solve customer problems when they arise.


As leaders, we need to remember that our colleagues live in the real world, and this will present challenges. Supporting our colleagues through challenging times, whether at home or at work, will pay dividends for both the company and colleague, as well as their family.


You must have the physical and mental energy to do take up the mantle of guiding others, and show them that you have it, too.


You have to be comfortable with risk and not be afraid of failure, because some failure is inevitable.

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