How secure is the sense of safety for women within the City of London? This is a vital question that requires the collective efforts of the Crime Prevention Association to address.

Each day, a multitude of women visit the City of London. Nonetheless, available data suggests that there are specific areas and times during which women feel exposed to vulnerability within the city. As an organisation collaborating with various agencies in the City of London, the City of London Crime Prevention Association is determined to bring about change, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a sense of security. To accomplish this, the Crime Prevention Association seeks your input.

The Prevent Violence Against Women & Girls (P-VAWG) Survey offers an opportunity for women who reside, work, or visit the City of London to voice their feelings of safety and provide insights into measures that could be implemented to enhance their sense of security.

Through this survey, the Crime Prevention Association can develop and implement innovative initiatives to foster a safer public environment for women.

The Crime Prevention Association welcomes input from all individuals regarding their perceptions of safety within the City of London and their suggestions for effective initiatives. Their commitment remains steadfast in supporting the survey’s objectives and addressing the issue of violence against women and girls.

Convergint UK is dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of women in the City of London. Convergint’s commitment to this cause is unwavering, as Convergint believes that every woman should feel secure, whether it’s day or night. To further this mission, Convergint UK wholeheartedly supports an important survey aimed at safeguarding women in the city. Convergint urges their female colleagues, partners, clients, as well as friends and family, to actively participate in this initiative.

Convergint is deeply committed to Inclusion & Diversity and offers various affinity groups to connect colleagues in underrepresented groups as they work towards shared goals. Convergint Women Connect is an affinity group operating with the mission to make Convergint the most equitable and inclusive global service provider for women of all identities and backgrounds.

The purpose of the group is to evolve Convergint’s culture through advocacy, education, community, and visibility, and Convergint’s goal is threefold: to increase the number of women and women leaders at Convergint, to lift the voices of underrepresented women, and to make Convergint an inclusive environment for all women.

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