Operating in the utilities industry can be arduous, from ensuring security operations are meeting industry regulations to finding ways to automate operational tasks and better respond to security incidents to increase operational efficiencies. The industry requires technology that can manage operations under a single, unified platform in order to respond effectively to incidents and ensure operations are compliant with industry laws and regulations.

Another unique challenge that this industry faces is securing vast geographical areas of critical infrastructure that can be threatened by intruders and drones. Many utilities companies use standalone intrusion detection systems to mitigate these threats, but these systems incur high rates of false alarms and rarely offer accurate detection of all types of intrusions.

As security threats continue to evolve, companies in the utilities industry must adopt a defense-in-depth approach to perimeter security and modernize their intrusion detection and tracking systems with a scalable, intuitive approach. Convergint partners with Genetec to protect large-scale, critical infrastructure with an innovative and collaborative perimeter security platform.

Security Center Restricted Security Area Surveillance

Genetec Security Center Restricted Security Area (RSA) Surveillance brings together various detection and tacking devices under a single visualization pane. The solution tracks targets in defined restricted areas using video surveillance feeds intuitively tracked on geographical maps so security personnel can quickly assess and respond to threats.

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Convergint, partnered with Genetec, has the expertise needed to deploy a streamlined perimeter security system to keep organizations operating smoothly and safely. Contact a security expert today to learn more.