featured Jordan Heilweil, President of Sales for Total Recall Corporation, in an article examining how video surveillance can maximize public safety efforts. Total Recall, a Convergint Technologies company, is an expert in designing and developing public safety video solutions for cities, municipalities, and government agencies. From helping to secure the Statue of Liberty to providing temporary video surveillance for the hundreds of thousands that attended the Concert for Valor held at the National Mall, the company delivers innovative, scalable security solutions which exceed customer expectations. 

Total Recall’s toolkit comprises of a variety of innovative technology tools that are designed to boost law enforcement’s public safety efforts:

  • Citywide and campus-wide video surveillance

  • Project BlueEye public-private security partnership

  • CrimeEye® rapid deployment video systems

  • CrimeEye permanent video systems

  • Comprehensive portable LPR units

  • Command centers

  • Wireless network solutions and more

Jordan’s insights in explain how citywide solutions effectively prevent crime and help quickly resolve incidents once they occur.

 “Video surveillance used to be perceived as spying, but I explain we are not Big Brother, we are Big Mother. We are here to assist police departments in their efforts to keep their cities safe. Many police departments use these tools in a reactive mode, meaning if something happened, they then search the video. They have an audit trail of activities that provide unbiased information. The goal is to prevent crime, but if it does happen, they want quick resolution.” 

~ Jordan Heilweil, President of Sales for Total Recall Corporation

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About Jordan Heilweil

Jordan Heilweil has been developing innovative, technologically superior video surveillance solutions for 33 years. Under his leadership, Heilweil built Total Recall Corporation into an industry leading provider of citywide, municipal and enterprise solutions including the CrimeEye line of high-quality video surveillance products. He and his team pioneered the concepts of citywide networks for video surveillance; building sustainable, large-scale systems operating under the harshest urban conditions.

CrimeEye Solutions

CrimeEye is Total Recall Corporation’s line of comprehensive public safety video systems. CrimeEye solutions enable law enforcement and municipalities across the country to deploy complete reliable public safety video surveillance – for both temporary and permanent needs.