Wireless temperature and environmental sensors and monitoring provide healthcare facilities with the ability to leverage technology to ensure compliance standards and to prevent loss with pharmaceuticals, lab samples, blood products, vaccines, etc. The financial impact when a refrigerator goes down can be a significant loss. Thousands of dollars can be lost through temperature spoilage. Recording and tracking data remotely using technology eliminates the need for manual processes which enables greater efficiency and potential loss.

Environmental Monitoring Use Cases

Recording and tracking temperature and environmental data on medicine, vaccines, blood and lab samples ensures these critical life-saving components are safe and ready for patient use.

Benefits of Automated Temperature Monitoring

  • Saves data: Temperature sensors save critical data for 30-days. Even when power is out, the sensor is still working.

  • Long life: Low power consumption for long battery life.

  • Easy integration: Sensors integrate by with existing Wi-Fi networks, and 900 Mhz interfaces.

  • NIST certified: Sensors are NIST certified to insure compliance with governmental regulations.

  • Easily customizable: Software is customizable and provides output reports and alerts when needed.

  • Efficient workflow: Elimination of clinician/staff time to log temperatures twice or more a day.

  • Track: Ability to track temperatures during transport, downloads data when WI-Fi access available.

  • Status logs: Dual sensors can log not only temps but door ajar status

  • Alert distribution: Alerts sent to appropriate individuals when out of compliance situations occur

  • Compliance reporting: Enables the organization to meet all of the requirements of compliance for reporting and recording under JCAHO, CAP, AABB, and others.

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