2510, 2023

Convergint Grows Healthcare Integration Business as Industry Prioritizes Clinical Workflow, Patient Care, Safety, and Security

Convergint delivers innovative and compliant clinical and operational strategies that improve efficiency and ensure security for healthcare organizations Convergint, a global leader in service-based systems integration, today announced that

2509, 2023

Convergint and Teleportivity Shape the Future of Healthcare Access

In an unwavering pursuit of transforming healthcare access and front-of-house assistance, Convergint collaborates with Teleportivity, marking a pivotal fusion of expertise, innovation, and a shared commitment to revolutionizing the healthcare industry.  This collaboration exceeds

1309, 2023

Enhancing Patient Care and Staff Well-Being with Security Solutions from Avigilon

Employee burnout and turnover have created clinical staffing challenges for many hospitals, which can affect patient outcomes. By deploying smart security technology, hospitals can obtain better situational awareness aiding in faster response times while

2808, 2023

Virtual Event Recording: Protecting Research Data in Today’s Threat Landscape

With the continued rise of security threats, life science organizations must prepare a comprehensive protection program prioritizing their most important asset—research data. In this recorded virtual event, Protecting Research Data in Today’s Threat Landscape,

2408, 2023

GSX TechTalk: A Layered Approach to Achieve Robust Security in Healthcare with Evolv

Healthcare for organizations are embracing a comprehensive approach to perimeter protection, integrating AI technology, and human insight to redefine traditional security boundaries. Convergint, in partnership with Evolv, recognizes that security extends beyond physical barriers,

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