In today’s dynamic higher education landscape, the seamless integration of technology has become a crucial element in shaping the modern campus experience. Convergint, in collaboration with HID, is at the forefront of a transformative initiative, introducing a new paradigm through mobile access for both students and administration within higher education.

The Connected Campus: Mobile Access in Higher Education introduces a new era, creating a safer, more streamlined college experience. Leveraging the very devices that students are rarely without – their smartphones – this innovative approach revolutionizes access across a multitude of campus facilities and services.

From classrooms to dormitories, libraries to dining halls, and parking garages to fitness centers, the vision is to enhance accessibility for authorized users while fortifying security measures against unauthorized entry. This comprehensive solution redefines the traditional campus experience, facilitating cashless transactions, secure printing, controlled dormitory access, streamlined attendance tracking, and even frictionless entry to stadium events, eliminating the hassle of paper tickets and entry bottlenecks.

This visionary collaboration aims to elevate campus life, providing unparalleled convenience and security by harnessing the power of mobile technology in higher education.

Problem: Campus Access Challenges

Across various university facilities, traditional access management poses hurdles. These challenges span classrooms, libraries, dormitories, dining areas, fitness centers, attendance tracking, parking facilities, printing services, and stadium entries, resulting in inefficiencies and security risks.

Solution: Streamlined Student Access

The innovative solution introduced by Convergint and HID provides swifter and more convenient access across campus facilities. This involves minimizing reliance on physical cards, enhancing security measures, and simplifying access for students through innovative mobile technology.

  • Quick and safe access: Using smart device sensors and long-range capabilities, students can securely access areas from a distance. HID’s ‘Twist and Go’ feature enables smartphone use with a simple gesture, ensuring swift and secure access.

  • Easy enrollment: Students receive an email request, download the app, and enroll hassle-free. The mobile ID is directly provisioned to their smartphone, saving time without the need for in-person processes.

  • Enhanced security: Misplacing a phone isn’t cause for alarm. Mobile credentials require verified access, ensuring that the mobile ID remains secure. Installation on another device is restricted until the previous one is deactivated.

  • Convenient transactions: Students can safely make purchases across campus, from meals to sports tickets, while effortlessly tracking their spending and account balances.

  • Eco-friendly: Mobile technology reduces waste and minimizes the carbon footprint, appealing to environmentally conscious students.

Results: Enhanced Efficiency and Security for Administration

Not only does this initiative enhance convenience for students, but it also significantly bolsters administrative efficiency. The integration of mobile access improves time management, security measures, multi-location identity management, campus safety, health-conscious practices, and sustainability efforts.

  • Time-saving: Manage mobile identities through a cloud-based portal, enroll multiple users at once, and provision access via email using CSV or Excel file upload.

  • Efficient, secure enrollment: Send invitations for instant mobile access enrollment to students, faculty, and staff, setting shorter-term access for temporary users.

  • Simplified multi-location management: Mobile access supports multiple identities per device, allowing easy identity updates for visitors across multiple campuses.

  • Enhanced campus safety: Mobile IDs provide an extra layer of security through device-based biometric or PIN security, reducing the sharing of physical IDs on campus.

  • Health-friendly processes: Contactless enrollment and transactions via mobile IDs help promote campus health, eliminating physical card swiping and long lines for ID retrieval.

  • Sustainability boost: Mobile IDs reduce waste by eliminating the need for multiple printers, consumables, packaging, and inks.

Contact an expert today to learn how Convergint and HID’s collaborative efforts can create a paradigm shift in higher education access control, providing a more seamless, secure, and convenient experience for both students and administrators.

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