In today’s interconnected world, securing vital sectors like education, transit, government, utilities, and critical infrastructure is paramount. These diverse verticals face unique security challenges, necessitating adaptive and comprehensive protection strategies. From safeguarding sensitive data to remote network power management options, advanced security solutions are essential to ensure the resilience and continuity of these critical environments.

That’s why Convergint partners with Altronix, a global leader in power and data transmission solutions tailored specifically for professional security, surveillance, access control, and fire signaling applications. Altronix, with its expertise, is dedicated to designing and manufacturing cutting-edge low-voltage electronic components that serve as the foundation on which every robust physical security system can be built.

Altronix NetWay Spectrum capabilities

The Altronix NetWay Spectrum series of hardened PoE+ switches and Ethernet-to-fiber media converters seamlessly facilitate the integration of cutting-edge IP devices in remote locations, whether or not local power is available. This comprehensive solution leverages fiber infrastructure from start to finish, offering the flexibility to deploy numerous devices such as cameras, illuminators, wireless access points, and more at extended distances. This, in turn, minimizes both labor and costs associated with installation.

By presenting a holistic solution like NetWay Spectrum, particularly in sectors like education, transit, government, utilities, and other critical infrastructure environments, security measures are not only heightened but also streamline the deployment process, making it more efficient and effective.

Solutions and benefits

  • Deploy multiple IP devices in remote locations, providing up to 90W per port (802.3bt PoE)

  • All-in-one power supply/charger, managed multi-port PoE switch, and outdoor rated enclosure

  • Remote switches with dual SFP ports allow users to connect multiple switches to secure an area

  • Single and multi-port rack mount media converters supports single/multi-mode fiber or hybrid cable

  • Features embedded LINQ™ Network Power Management Technology to remotely monitor, control, and report system diagnostics to streamline service and maintenance

  • Designed and manufactured for use in harsh environments

  • TAA, NDAA compliant

  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

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