Since its founding in 2001, Convergint Technologies has established a successful track record of both organic growth and growth through acquisitions. The driving force behind Convergint’s consistent growth is an enduring commitment to strengthening its global presence and capabilities in order to be its customers’ best service provider. 

With over 20 acquisitions under its belt, Convergint treats each acquired company uniquely and leverages the value it can add to its service-based culture. This  unique, culture-centric approach to growth and acquisitions was recently profiled by Paul Rothman, Editor in Chief of SD&I Magazine, in his recent piece entitled “Building a Nation.” The piece was part of a series featuring the top companies on SD&I‘s Fast50 list, on which Convergint was ranked fifth. 

Article Highlights 

“Being part of Convergint Nation is the best of all worlds,” Yunag says. “We are able to operate our businesses to best serve our local customers while also gaining access to a worldwide network of colleagues – friends and coworkers that I can leverage at any time. At any given time, there are 3,500 people around the world that really stand ready to help you with whatever you need.”

– Eric Yunag, Convergint Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, former owner of Dakota Security Systems

“Looking at the owners of the businesses Convergint has acquired is like perusing a who’s who roster of influential and up-and-coming leaders in the security industry.”

– Paul Rothman, “Convergint Builds a Nation”

“One of the reasons we have been successful with so many acquisitions is that we look at each one of them uniquely,” Moceri explains. “There is no such thing as a ‘cookie-cutter acquisition’ – we don’t slam them all together on day one, and we don’t take out headcount; in fact, we haven’t done one acquisition based on reducing headcount over 21 acquisitions.”

– Dan Moceri, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Convergint Technologies

“For the vast majority of the companies that have been acquired, the cultures are extremely similar,” Yunag adds. “I think that’s part of what has made Convergint’s rapid growth so successful – it is putting so much emphasis on the cultural fit of the companies that are being acquired.”

– Eric Yunag, Convergint Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, former owner of Dakota Security Systems

“That was pretty close to what we have been about for 45 years, so there weren’t any problems with us fitting into their culture,” Coleman says. “Sometimes you have values and beliefs and they are just words on a poster that are hanging on a wall. What has been reassuring and affirmative for me is that (Convergint’s values and beliefs) are like a North Star, and people always veer toward them.”

– Jim Coleman, Convergint Business Development Manager, former owner of Operational Security Systems