Smart city initiatives often require the deployment of multiple, disparate sensors and systems, including smart ones. This creates a need for a platform that visualizes and synchronizes, in real-time, existing and future systems in one place, providing contextual information on the environment around them.

Live Earth, partnered with Convergint Technologies, can provide this convergence. By combining public and private data feeds in real-time on one visual pane, Live Earth empowers smart, connected cities to improve living conditions and public safety for citizens. It also helps reduce infrastructure costs and service requirements through its analytics and reporting features. Additionally, predefined alerts in the platform provide city officials the ability to proactively manage their infrastructure (street lights, cameras, road conditions, and more) from one place with minimal staffing through Live Earth as a GIS visualization tool.

About LiveEarth

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  • The world’s most advanced real-time Iot/5G data visualization platform.

  • Integrates seamlessly with business data feeds at the enterprise level. 

  • Trusted by organizations around the world to combine time-sensitive information into one view as an advanced real-time data visualization tool. 

  • Drive faster response times, save costs, and better prepare the future with actionable intelligence. 

Live Earth Smart City Features 

Live Earth increases situational awareness and offers the real-time information needed to act quickly  LiveEarth empowers organizations to improve safety, efficiency, and have a greater awareness of emerging trends in critical scenarios. 

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