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In Canada, Convergint Technologies provides complete mechanical and HVAC system services. From packaged ventilation equipment to centralized heating and cooling systems, Convergint Technologies provides certified personnel to service and maintain your equipment in optimal operating condition. Focusing on equipment life cycle and energy efficiency, Convergint Technologies provides retrofit and replacement solutions resulting in premium facility performance.

Heating Systems Service

Convergint Technologies installs, services and maintains all types of heating systems. From rooftop gas fired heating units to centralized heating plants, our certified technicians will provide you with properly maintained and reliable equipment.

Air Conditioning Service

Convergint Technologies installs, services and maintains various styles of air conditioning systems. Our certified technicians service and maintain your facility’s rooftop packaged systems, centralized systems and critical air conditioning so they operate properly, efficiently and to design criteria.

Mechanical Systems Service

Convergint Technologies provides trained and certified technicians to respond to all of your mechanical system needs. Backflow valve and boiler relief valve certifications, pumping system maintenance and repair and general plumbing are just some of the services offered by our mechanical systems technicians.

Life Cycle Analysis

Convergint Technologies provides our clients with in depth life cycle analysis of major equipment. Proper analysis of equipment life expectancy and efficiency provides our customer with the information necessary to properly plan for equipment replacement or retrofit.

Equipment Optimization

Our knowledgeable staff of technicians and engineers provides our customers with current solutions to increase the performance and reliability of existing equipment. Planning and implementing maintenance practices and performance additions to mechanical equipment will increase the operating efficiencies of the equipment and can reduce your energy profile.

Custom Solutions

Convergint Technologies has the experience and expertise to provide our clients with a custom solution when an off the rack offering is not appropriate. Special applications such as portable server rooms or electrical substations have been designed and installed in the commercial and industrial sectors by Convergint Technologies. Understanding the challenging environments and conditions the client is working in enables us to provide a system that meets your requirements.

Retrofit and Replacement

When your heating system or cooling system is getting old or costing you money, Convergint Technologies will provide you with retrofit or replacement options that will provide you with a return on investment that fits your budget. Providing the best solution when it comes to replacement of boilers, chillers or overall mechanical systems will reduce your energy consumption and will assist in increasing the value of your facility.

Critical Environments

Convergint Technologies will support you with the installation, service and maintenance of systems for critical environments such as computer rooms and data centers. We understand the HVAC requirements of critical environments such as precise temperature and humidity control and will design a system to meet those tight requirements. Our post installation service will assure that you continue to meet the original design parameters.


Recognized as North America’s System Integrator of the Year, Convergint designs, installs and services the most reliable and comprehensive security solutions for organizations of all sizes. We offer only best-of-breed technologies from the industry’s leading manufacturers and seamlessly integrate them to ensure the safety of the people, property, and assets you protect.