InSight Digital Summit, hosted by Convergint Technologies, is an exclusive virtual trade show event. This fully immersive digital summit will allow for a traditional trade show experience live from the comfort of your own home or office. Whether your team manages a single site, a campus, or a global enterprise, Convergint’s InSight Digital Summit will provide your organization with innovative strategies and tools to optimize business performance and create a safer work environment.

In the video below, Heather Winkler and Kevin Sheridan discuss their one-on-one InSight session about how Convergint’s financial team works to apply best practices and leverage their knowledge and experience in the financial vertical to better equip you to make decisions for your financial institution . Register for the event today for your opportunity to sign up for this informative one-on-one InSight session to future-proof your organization with Convergint’s financial expertise. 

Convergint Leaders Heather Winkler and Kevin Sheridan discusses htheir InSight Digital Summit strategic session

Trends and Technology for Financial Institutions

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