Unity has a strong and deeply-rooted meaning for the Convergint Nation family. It’s not just about working at the same company, but something much greater: truly becoming one large community tied together by our shared Values & Beliefs. We believe that by operating as one cohesive unit we can better achieve our goal of being our customer’s best service provider. 

In the video below, our leadership team describes the meaning and importance of unity at Convergint. 

“Unity to me means working together – whether locally, regionally, or globally. To leverage our combined knowledge across the organization to be our customer’s best service provider.”

~ Dan Moceri, Convergint Co-Founder

Unity is so important at Convergint Technologies that it was the theme of Convergint’s 2017 Nation Conference. Check out the photos below of some highlights of our unified Convergint colleagues at the conference in San Diego.

Unity Conference Booths Image
Unity Conference Band Preforming
Unity Conference Auditorium Speech